My name is Agata Western. I am a psychologist (member of The Psychological Society of Ireland), trainer and coach; currently a full time parent of two small children – Lily Helena and Albert. At the end of 2012 me and my partner decided to move to Ireland and build a family here. We choose Galway for its beauty, culture life, its position – by the sea and close to astonishing nature, and its good vibe. We thought that it’s a perfect place to bring up children (although far away from our relatives and friends – based in Krakow, Poland and Bristol, UK) and live healthy life. Today, after getting married here, having two wonderful children and feeling part of the community, we still think it was the best choice for us.

This is an observational and reflective blog for parents. I comment on experiences and events, media messages and publications, directed to parents and parents to be. I look at how the ‘culture of parenting’ is shaped by social influences and how it impacts on us acting as parents.

Balancing Parents also draws on psychological insights and relational psychoanalysis to better understand how parents relate to children and children to parents.

I offer an alternative to anxiety provoking social pressures, which come from experts and media, and undermine confident parenting.

My aim is to create a community of parents who engage reflectively and confidently with their children.


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