Apple Watch and the Neurotic Age

Fantastic read by Simon Western, my thoughtful husband. It evokes reflection on our relationship with machines – subject which growingly concerns parents. How do we manage technology surrounding our children? How do we balance its benefits and side effects? What does technology and machines do to our children on a longer go? The text gives a deep understanding of what is the influence of sophisticated new technology products on our society and – indeed – on a constitution of humans today.

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I joined millions of viewers online to see Apple CEO Tim Cook launch the new Apple Watch, and I admired both the extraordinary technology and the ‘classic’ Apple design aesthetic. I reflected on how we become so blasé about new technology, when only a decade or two ago this product would have seemed like science fiction. A watch that you can ask questions and it answers you! A watch that is also a phone, and an email device, and that can automatically pay your grocery bills without using a credit card. It also opens up new possibilities for health research and individual health and well-being monitoring, which I will return to. This watch is marketed by Apple as their most intimate product yet. To cite Tim Cook ‘ “It’s a revolutionary way to connect” “Apple Watch is the most personal device we have ever created. It’s not just with you…

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