Who is thinking of the children? Marriage Equality

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Ireland is holding a referendum on same sex marriages. I am engaged observer of public debate which is taking place here. As a Polish person, I feel envious that the matter of equality preoccupies politicians and is addressed in the society. Unfortunately, in Poland many minority groups are still silenced and mostly invisible. The blog ‘mammyinwonderland’ gives very down to earth perspective on children’s issue which is risen by ‘no’ campainers. I thought of writing a post in simmilar tone, but I am rebloging a strong and valuable voice, supported by teacher’s experience.


This week, on Friday, Ireland holds a vote. In reality two, but the age of presidential candidates turns out to be pretty uncontroversial. We will vote on whether or not to allow same-sex couples to marry. It is a straightforward question. We will not be asked for ours reasons or thoughts on the matter we will simply tick Yes or No.

We are voting because in our constitution a family consists of a married man and woman. To change our constitution requires a vote. If there is a Yes vote we will now refer to the family as a married couple regardless of sex.

I didn’t write any posts on this so far because I felt I had nothing to contribute. I have shared posts where people have outlined their own personal stories, the people who this vote will directly affect. I am privileged. Nobody had any say in whether I got married…

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