Helpful Graphic: How to Keep an Eye on Your Kids’ Social Media Accounts

I was asked to promote an infographic on chidlren’s presence online, including social media. Have a look – I hope it will be of a help for you, when talking to your children and helping them stay safe.

‘You monitor your tweens and teens in all sorts of ways—checking in on grades and friends, knowing where they are and what they’re doing. But how much time do you spend thinking about how your children use smart devices? It’s something that parents should think about: Nearly all teens go online every day and about three-fourths can access smart devices. But that near constant use means that they often find themselves accessing inappropriate sites, or being harassed by peers or strangers. That risk can increase when teens are on social media sites, too. Parents don’t have to remove smart devices from use by teens. But what they can do is to talk to their children about the uncertainty. You can also put in place some restrictions, including placement of internet-accessible devices and filters, too.

Use this graphic to help guide you through any of these difficulties.’

Source: Blog